springfield, MO

This upscale living development, scheduled to be complete August 2019, will include four levels of conventional wood framing, above a precast/prestressed concrete podium. It will offer students 344 beds and a ground level garage.

TDC designed the precast components of the street-level podium which creates a level, uniform foundation for the wood framed structure above. The podium consists of composite, prestressed, hollow core slabs on top of prestressed inverted-tee and L-beams, all supported by interior precast concrete columns and exterior cast-in-place walls. As with most of our podium jobs, the connection details and sequencing allow for accelerated erection and minimizes the need for temporary supplemental bracing. This results in cost savings, a high level of quality control and a precast frame with little or no exposed connections, limiting serviceability concerns down the road.


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